If i go too far in past, memories starts getting overlapped. This has always been a breath stealing race to go so far.

Year 1985-86. In the old days, where I see myself in “aangan” of our “BibiPakar” Home, Darbhanga. There was a little dwarf palm tree, and that was where I used to roam around. The smell of open air, open fields nearby where I use to escape. And then there is a gap.

Year 1985-89. We were not enough to afford a TV set. Our neighbor “CEO saheb”, we used to call, were rich family. I was in friendship with the family so they were. I used to go there for playing “ChchuppaChchppi”, “chchuoa-chchot”, “elastic jumping” etc. I was outgoing and love to play. TV was fascinating. The black and white TV set. TV programs and watching it.Tipu was the nickname for Intekhab. I never knew the name Intekhab as we used to call Tipu. I knew the name only when I discovered him on Orkut after very long day somewhere in 2007. And the sisters Kamini and Meenu and of course Sana. My only friends and whenever I get time I go there and roam around in their large campus.

Year 1985-86. Going some more far, I remember me crying on the gate. My sister was going to National public school. The school bus was waiting and ammi was busy in packaging lunch for appijaan. I also wanted to go school, but I was too young. Ammi and Abbu had hired home tutors to learn us Hindi, English and Urdu. Haafisb, named Muhammad Ali used to come in morning and Ahsaansb in evening. AhsaanSb was too soft and Haafisb too barbaric in punishments.
Year 1989-90. I was admiring the table Abbujan got for us for studies. A new green color table.Smelling new.And four folding chairs. In Darbhanga we had limited electricity, something like 4-5 hours in 24 hours. We love to study in group. Milton, Appijaan and me. We had Linc pens. We make balloons of empty refills of pens. In the month of June, mosquitoes, insects and perspirations. We didn’t had bag to put books, nor the box to put pen and pencils. Still remember the joy when a used bag was given to me. I put it on my shoulders and ran to Tipu’s home, just to show, “I was about to go a school”. I was overjoyed, happy, thrilled. The thirst of going a school was about to be quenched.

Year 1989-90. I remember the most troubling days of my life. The day I got admission in Salafia Junior School and the days that followed. This school was the most unmanaged, brutual, cruel school. Each morning I feared just imagining to go there. Abbu Ammi realized it later and I was out of school in two years. I got admission in Salafiaschool in year 1989. I was 7 years old. They put me in class 3rd. I never understood anything and was beaten brutally each day by Maths and Hindi teacher. My crime was “I was unable to understand the subjects”, however teachers thought me as reckless. Actually those teachers themselves were not the teachers, but the losers in all sense. That was the darkest chapter of my life. I thank Allah for getting me out from there.

Year 1987-88. Back in the year 1987. I am assuming the year, since Ammi says, I was 5 years old. This was Diwali night and I was again going to Jaiswal TV shop, to watch TV. I was more interested in getting a glimpse of TV sets, rather than on the programs. I have fading memories but certain scenes are as vivid as they are part of yesterday. TV shop was closed and I kept on walking. Somehow I got the idea that the TV shop has been moved physically to some far distance. I kept walking and was lost. This was night 11PM or 12 AM, or something in between. Due to Diwali there was still a small crowd here and there. A sweets shopkeeper saw me. Nicely clothed and wandering. He offered me sweets and in some time I was surrounded by people around. Each one asking who is this kid and suggestions stuffs. On home Ammi was out of control. Upon searching a lot, Abbu came home, and asked Ammi, if Newton came here. This was a shock. Ammi started crying and both started searching. I was then discovered by Samar uncle. I came home and Ammi hugged me, after slapping me two three. I was getting no clue what happened. People asked “where have you been”, I told that Jaiswal TV shop was not there where it was yesterday, so I started searching it. When I didn’t got the TV shop, I turned back, but Abbu shop was also not there. I saw a “Mithai-wala”, the mithai was good, and I have some more in my pockets stills. Ammi was crying, smiling laughing at the same time. Abbu was in aangan describing the episode to people.

Year 1988-89. There happened a phase at saraisattar khan mohalla. Before the Salafiaschool, I started going to Ammi’s primary school in saraisattar khan. Ammi got checked copy for me for doing Maths practice. There were two more teachers, Manju Sharma and an old one I am forgetting the name. This was the time when QSQT (Qyamat Se QyamatTak) was released, as I used to hear the song Papa KehteHain at most of the chowkchoraha. The song was a craze those days, and everyone was talking Aamir. This was the time of “Bharat EkKhoj” at DD1. In the garden of PaanBuaa I always go to play and collect mangoes. There was a TV, and I saw “Bharat ekkhoj” there. I loved the Sunday sci-fi serial “Sigma”. We were not having the TV at home. I watch them mostly at Ammi’s school neighbor’s homes.